Hello Everyone!


     This is a website where I’ll be posting information about the life and times of my only Grandson, Joshua VanTimmeren. My name is Tom VanTimmeren, but Josh calls me Boppy, or just Bop. Although I have built my own computers, I am relatively new to the social media aspect of communicating, and this is my first attempt at setting up a blog, so please forgive my technical ignorance until I get the hang of this. Josh will be 6 years old in September 2012, and lives in the small Midwest town of Rockford, Michigan, about 13 miles North of Grand Rapids. Our family has lived in the Rockford area for seven generations, and our roots and Midwest values run deep. It’s a good place to raise kids.

     As most of you know, we recently lost our Son, and Josh’s Father, Christopher, in an automobile accident. The support and outpouring of love and concern for our family from our, and Chris’s friends, has been an unexpected, and humbly appreciated, source of strength for us as we continue to find our path back to the everyday world. From Gail (Chris’s Mom), Brian (Chris’s Brother), and myself, thank you all so very, very much.

     I’m setting up this blog in an attempt to connect with the people whose lives Christopher touched. I’m beginning to realize that there were many. Through all the cards, well wishes, and hugs that we have received, and continue to receive from everyone, I have also come to realize that there was a large part of Christopher’s life of which I was unaware. I knew he was an enthusiastic member of the Avett Nation, and he had a lot of friends in the Grand Rapids music community, but I continue to be amazed at his level of involvement in the musical and social media community. I’m just blown away! We get cards, with donations for Josh’s education savings account, everyday from people who never actually met Chris physically, or only met him once, but their connection through Facebook & You Tube was enough to form a very strong bond.

     I have also received inquiries as to how friends can contribute to Josh’s education. I have applied to open a Michigan Education Savings Program 529 account for Josh, and I’m waiting on a reply from the company that handles the MESP investing, to let me know when I can start sending in contributions. This might take another week. Donations can be made by personal check made out to Michigan Education Savings Program, and sent to my home at 258 Adolph Street, Rockford, Michigan 49341-1002 and I will be able to deposit it into Josh’s account. Eventually, I think donations can be made by check and sent directly to MESP. Checks can also be made out to me, Thomas VanTimmeren, and sent to my home address. There is also a link above to donate online thru PayPal, or with a credit card. Thank you for your support. I know Chris would thank you if he could.